President’s Message

Furqan Moin, MD

I want to thank the North Texas APPNA chapter’s members for allowing me to lead this excellent chapter. After reading this message, we will have achieved our first goal of creating a web page for our chapter. This web page will help us streamline our chapter’s activities, memberships, and social events tremendously. We are currently working to link our website to the chapter’s bank account. I am confident this goal will be achieved in the next few weeks. After the chapter’s web page is linked to the bank account, all members can conveniently pay their membership fees and buy tickets to our social events safely and securely.

Our next goal is to register our chapter as a 501c3 entity. By obtaining 501 c3 status, all contributions and donations to the chapter would be tax deductible. We have already started the work, and I am confident that in the next few weeks, we will have achieved this goal as well.

Our membership drive will begin in the next few months. We can exponentially increase our membership to around three hundred marks at the end of this year. I will need help from our members to achieve this goal.

We are currently in the planning phase of our annual general body meeting, along with many other fun activities. We can ensure that the meeting will be held sometime in the fall of 2021. Currently, we are looking through different location options.

As Americans are getting the COVID-19 vaccine rapidly, I am hopeful that our next social gathering in September will be without any fear of transmitting or catching the COVID-19 infection. I believe humankind has suffered enough, and we will transition toward normalcy in the next few months.

My vision for this chapter is complete openness, financial transparency, and fully abiding by chapter bylaws. Nobody, including executive committee members, would be above the bylaws. I ask all members to let us know immediately if anybody feels we need to follow the bylaws. In that case, I promise that we will listen and correct ourselves. In addition, I welcome suggestions for improvement and betterment of the chapter.

Finally, I am very thankful to my executive committee members, Dr. Salman Haroon and Dr. Mohammad Ashfaq, for working hard with me to achieve our goals.

I also want to thank our previous executive committee members, especially our previous President, Dr. Muhammad Asim, for his honest and vibrant leadership. I thank Dr. Dawood Nasir for his contributions, sacrifices, and leadership in this chapter.

May God keep our families and us safe in the months and years.


Furqan Moin, MD


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